Monday, July 26, 2010


My co-author decided to share our book with someone without my knowledge. We never shared the entire book with anyone before. We’d given them a taste of the book to promote interest, but wanted them to wait until it was in print to read the rest.

At a birthday party I was approached by the woman who’d read the book. She announced to me that she had just finished it. Through my shock, I asked her if she liked it. Much to my delight she told me very enthusiastically that she loved it.

She went on to express her feelings of the parts that worried her, parts that made her nervous, parts that made her laugh, and parts that gave her Goosebumps. She spoke about the characters as if she knew them personally, as personally as we knew them.

She got it, the parts that were meant to bring anxiety did. The twists, for her were intense. The characters that were meant to be loved, she loved. How rewarding this was to hear.

I can’t wait to share our story with the rest of the world; to introduce to them our invisible friends, and make those friends visible in their eyes also.