Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When the Dam Breaks

Let the nightmares begin!!! My new Psychological Thriller When the Dam Breaks just released. Wow! I'm both excited and nervous about people seeing another side of me, a bad girl side. But it's a book I loved to write, I loved to read, and I know people are going to love it and be...
Absolutely blown away!                                

When Kelly’s husband, homicide detective Bob Martin, starts to pursue a serial killer it soon becomes clear that his new found passion, the one which ignites his sexuality into a raging force is his passion for the kill itself.

Her world spirals out of control as she realizes the murders are not the work of an amateur, but of a manipulative, well-organized, and lethal mastermind. What Kelly doesn’t realize, is that Bob is only the tip of the iceberg, for what lies beneath the surface, is more sinister then anything she could have ever envisioned.
Champagne Books

Friday, January 25, 2013


What you might not know about fiction novelist is we’re all just a bunch of liars. Well liars might be a bit extreme, so let me put it another way. We’re the ones who exaggerate the truth to excessive levels.

Let’s say a group of twenty geese flew overhead… the want-to-be writer would say there were thirty. But the best of the best fiction novelists would say there were hundreds, and if feeling more creative than normal that day, thousands.

Then the story takes on it’s own set of wings, as we now remember one of these geese leaving the formation to swoop down and attack a little old lady who with her failing eyesight, never saw him coming.

Okay now we feel bad about tormenting an old lady, so we must develop a hero, often an alter ego of ourselves. Maybe we saved the lady alone, forget the alter ego.
Moral to my story, if you catch me in a lie, just remember I’m only trying to be the best, or……

I just can’t help myself.