Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Published: After the Mist

I just mailed off my signed contract today with Champagne Books. I'd like to say a little bit here about this publishing company. They are amazingly supportive of their authors. The moment I verbally told them I was accepting their contract I started getting an overwhelming amount of e-mails from other authors welcoming me. They set me up with a two person team of mentors (the greatest two people) for any questions I have, and I have had many. My questions are always quickly answered.

My book is set to release in February 2012. When I first got the paper stating the release date I was sure it was wrong. Surly they meant 2011 a little over a month away.I was hoping for best seller by the week-end, ha-ha. Now that I'm in their loop I can clearly see why it takes over a year to release a book. There is just so much to do. It takes a lot to promote it so when it hits the market people are already aware of it.

For those of you who have already been to this blog you will notice I eliminated the part that had the beginning of my book. Many of you commented on this favorably. You should be happy to learn that with re-writes and editing it has been improved. And, with still more editing to come it will only get better. I plan to add some excerpts in my blog soon, but not today. Today I'm done.

To bad there's not a life editing person. You know what I mean, I did this wrong or that wrong so let's edit it. Wait a minute there is, He's called God.

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