Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book Trailer

Well . . . what can I say? I did my trailer. I bought the program Adobe Premiere Elements 10, downloaded it into my computer and felt like a Kindergartner in the world of Rocket Scientist’s. Frustration hit a new high until finally I was able to stumble through the program to reach a trailer I liked.

Then I went on to figure out how to add music. I played several Royalty free songs over my slide show until I found one that fit perfectly. I paid for song . . . it went to iTunes and I stumbled through another process of trying to figure out how to add the music to my video. I tried to download it direct from iTunes that didn't work. I tried to drop it there, no success I couldn't minimize my screens properly to have them both up at the same time.

Finally I did it; don't ask me how, but, I did it. Don’t ask not because I’m not willing to tell you but because I'd have to figure it out all over again. But I have a trailer. . I'm pretty proud of. Sure it has its problems including a miss on a word, but I'm pretty happy with it all in all.

I have watched it now countless times in amazement. . . I did that, yeah! Now I can move on to book two in my trilogy. I’ve written around eight chapters thus far. I know where it's going, my invisible friends have been patiently waiting to get there but first I'm going to go back and edit as I discovered a lot with my last editing process. So onward-ho. . . . if that's even a saying. I am adding my trailer on the side of this blog.

Watch it . . . enjoy it. Until the next trailer. I'm sure I’ll be better erupt by then. Or not. But it was a fun process, frustrating but fun.

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